Motorhomes can be categorized as class A motorhomes, class B motorhomes and class C motorhomes. Class A motorhomes are commonly referred to motorhomes and are the largest, most expensive and most luxurious of all the different motorhomes. These class A motorhomes are both gas or diesel vehicles and are often termed as diesel pushers and are built on a specially designed chassis. These class A motorhomes are best suitable for long trips or vacations, and are particularly useful for a full time staying.

Class A motorhomes, also commonly known as the conventional motorhomes, are a virtual home on wheels. It is fully loaded and equipped with whatever is required for a long vacation or even for residing full time. These are large and expensive vehicles with an average length that varies from 21feet to 40feet and costs somewhere between $48,000 to over $300,000.

However, other than the features and the status symbol that motorhomes might provide, the most important aspect which remains is its on-road performance. These class A motorhomes are incredibly comfortable on road and provides a smooth and stable ride. Not only is it easy to drive, but also serves the luxuries of a real home, on the move. Passengers of the class A motorhomes gets an experience of being in home. They can relax, eat, watch television, play games and even take a nap.

However, it is not advisable to use these class A motorhomes as local transportation. It is a huge vehicle and is not suitable, rather quite inconvenient for local usage. It is best suitable for long rides or vacations provided it is loaded with all the necessary accessories.

Class A motorhomes are the largest and most luxurious ones of the recreational vehicles in the market and includes certain features. They always have kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment centers and centrally controlled heating and air conditioning. Majority of the people likes to rent these motorhomes prior to buying one in order to test which model would suit their needs.

Class A motorhomes offers many advantages over other types of recreational vehicles. The first of which is that they generally have more room. One of the first things to consider before purchasing new or used class A motorhomes is how the floor plan. It should ideally fit the needs and serve the purpose. For people who plan to use class A motorhomes for full time RV-ing, the motorhome should ideally provide all the comforts of home.

Among all the recreational vehicles, Class A motorhomes is an ideal vehicle for all-around family travel. Class A motorhomes is like living in a small house – a house you drive down the road. The biggest advantage of a Class A motorhomes is that it is a fully functioning self-contained unit.